Understanding Your Bill

Thank you for choosing Fisher-Titus for your health care and wellness needs. To follow is some information to help with understanding your Fisher-Titus bill. For any questions about your bill, please call 1-833-432-0045.


Fisher-Titus has improved our billing process for your convenience, moving from two billing statements to one statement.  Previously, depending upon your Fisher-Titus care location, you may have received two bills; one for services provided by your Fisher-Titus healthcare provider, and one for services performed at Fisher-Titus Medical Center.  For example, if you saw your Fisher-Titus healthcare provider for a wellness visit and then went to the Medical Center for lab work, you received two bills. Under our new process, effective June, 2021, you will receive one bill, regardless of where your service was performed at Fisher-Titus.

There are some exceptions of note – for Emergency Department, Pain Management, and Imaging Services visits, you will receive a separate bill from the physician provider group listed below, in addition to your bill from Fisher-Titus.

  • Fisher-Titus Emergency Department: TeamHealth
  • Fisher-Titus Pain Management: Pain Management Group
  • Fisher-Titus Imaging Services: Firelands Radiology

For providers not employed by Fisher-Titus, you will still receive a bill from their office.


Effective June 2021, Fisher-Titus is changing our billing model for certain Fisher-Titus healthcare provider practices to a model called provider-based billing (PBB).  Fisher-Titus outpatient offices included in this update are:

Convenient Care

Family & Internal Medicine


Digestive Health

General Surgery


Provider-based billing has been around for many years. In fact, many health systems in our region use this national billing model today. With this model, the medical offices listed above are now recognized as a department of our Medical Center versus independent locations. This change does not impact the care you receive with your Fisher-Titus provider, and you will continue to schedule appointments and see your regular care team as you have in the past.

What will change is the way your health plan calculates your out-of-pocket responsibility.  With provider-based billing, charges for certain services are broken into two parts, a professional fee, and a facility fee. Currently, your Fisher-Titus bill includes a provider fee only, which is the payment required for services given by your healthcare provider during your visit. The facility fee is new and a required part of the billing model. This fee is payment for the location of the service performed, and medical and technical supplies and equipment used during the service provided by your healthcare provider during your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is provider-based billing?

Provider-based billing is a national billing model for services given in a hospital/medical center or hospital facility. A hospital facility refers to outpatient centers and doctor’s offices. With this model, even though you may see your regular physician in a clinic setting and not the hospital, your visit is billed under the hospital rather than the physician’s office.

Why is Fisher-Titus making this change?

Fisher-Titus is making this change to align with how our facilities operate currently. Provider-based billing is the national model of practice for healthcare networks where the hospital owns space and employs support staff who lead patient care, which is how we are set up today.

What is different with provider-based billing? Will my care or provider change?

Relating to the care you receive and how you interact with your provider’s office, nothing changes – you will still receive the same high-quality care in the same location as you currently do. You will also schedule appointments the same as you do now. The only change you will see relates to your billing statement as there will now be two charges related to your date of care: a professional fee for your provider and a facility fee covering the location of care.  

Why are there two fees?

Under this billing model, because our provider offices are owned by Fisher-Titus Medical Center and not the individual healthcare provider you see, two different fees are collected. A professional fee is payment for services provided by the healthcare professional you saw during your visit.  A facility fee is a standard charge to cover the cost of the space, supplies and equipment used for the appointment.

Do I have to be charged a facility fee?

Yes. As required by this new billing model, because the facility is owned by the Medical Center and not the provider you see, a separate facility fee is charged.

Will I have to pay more because of provider-based billing?

With provider-based billing, your out-of-pocket costs may change based on the type of coverage you have. It is important to note that Fisher-Titus is not increasing prices; any increase in your out-of-pocket costs is related to your health plan coverage. Your health plan determines your out-of-pocket costs based on the way your health plan calculates your bills and copays. This calculation may impact your out-of-pocket costs.

Who do I call if I have questions about my bill?

For questions about your insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs, please contact your insurance provider. For questions about your Fisher-Titus bill, please call 1-833-432-0045.

What can I do if I am having difficulty paying for healthcare services?

Fisher-Titus offers many flexible payment program options to assist you in paying your bill. For more information is available by calling our Fisher-Titus financial counselors at 419-660-2678 or 1-800-589-3862 ext. 6278 or 6279, or click here

Need to Pay Your Bill?

Our online Patient e-Billing has been developed to help you pay your bills online, quickly and easily.