Cost of Care Estimates

In compliance with state law, Fisher-Titus Medical Center provides this price list. The hospital's charges are the same for all patients, but a patient's responsibility may vary, depending on payment plans negotiated with individual health insurers. Uninsured or underinsured patients should consult with our financial counselors to determine whether they qualify for discounts. These prices are correct as of January 1, 2021.

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Room and Board - Per Day Charges

Routine - Room Care $1,155.00
Obstetrics - Room Care




Pediatric Care


Intermediate Care - Room Care $1,441.00
Intensive Care - Room Care $2,345.00

Emergency Department Charges

Emergency Department charges are based on the level of emergency care provided to our patients. The levels, with level 1 representing basic emergency care, reflect the type of accommodations needed, the personnel resources, the intensity of care and the amount of time needed to provide treatment. The following charges do not include fees for drugs, supplies or additional ancillary procedures that may be required for a particular emergency treatment. They also do not include fees for Emergency Department physicians, who will bill separately for their services.

Level 1 $154.00
Level 2 $203.10
Level 3 $342.80
Level 4 $656.90
Level 5 $933.00
Critical Care $1,584.00

Operating Room Charges

Operating Room charges are based on the complexity level, with level 1 being the most basic, for a particular operation. There is an initial set-up charge as well as an additional charge for each 15 minutes while the operation is being performed.

First 30 Minutes Each Additional 15 Minutes
Level 1 $1,142.00 $356.80
Level 2 $1,911.60 $587.60
Level 3 $2,525.20 $750.90
Level 4 $2,806.00 $973.50
Level 5 $3,241.00 $1,112.80
Level 6 $3,568.30 $1,265.70

Labor and Delivery Charges

The following list does not include charges for anesthesia, drugs or supplies required for a particular delivery room procedure. Fees for physician services or anesthesia administration are also not reflected and will be billed separately by your physician. Total charges will depend on the length of stay.

Labor & Delivery Services-Day of Delivery $2,798.60
Fetal Monitor Non-Stress Test $239.70

Physical & Occupational Therapy Charges

The following charges reflect the most common services offered by our Occupational and Physical Therapy departments. Patients may have additional charges, depending on the services performed.

CPT Procedure Charge
97110 Exercise Therapy-15 Minutes $73.10
97530 Functional Activity-15 Minutes $69.00
97113 Pool Therapy-15 Minutes $82.80
97035 Ultrasound Therapy-One Area $94.30

Cardio/Pulmonary Therapy Charges

The following charges reflect the most common services offered by our Cardio/Pulmonary Therapy department. Patients may have additional charges, depending on the services performed.

CPT Procedure Charge
82805 Blood Gas Analysis $157.50
93005 Electrocardiogram Without Interpretation $131.80

Imaging Service Charges

The following charges reflect the hospital's 30 most common x-ray and radiological procedures only. The patient will be billed separately by the Radiologist for the professional fee associated with reading the xray or image.

CPT Procedure Charge
70450 CT Brain Without Contrast $1,046.30
70551 MRI Brain Without Contrast


71045 Chest Single View


71046 Chest Two Views


71275 CTA Chest


72040 Spine/Cervical 2 or 3 Views


72100 Lumbar Spine 2 or 3 Views


72110 Lumbar Spine Minimum 4 Views


72125 CT Spine Cervical w/o Contrast


72148 MRI Lumbar Spine Without Contrast


73030 XR Shoulder Complete


73130 XR Hand Complete


73564 Knee Complete 4+ Views


73610 XR Ankle Complete


73630 Foot 3 Views


74018 Abdomen Single View


74022 Complete Acute Abdomen Series


74176 CT Abdomen/Pelvis w/o Contrast


74177 CT Abdomen/Pelvis w Contrast


76705 Ultrasound Gall Bladder


76775 US Renal


76856 Ultrasound Pelvis


77080 Dexa Bone Density


78452 Myocardial Perfusion Multiple Studies


93880 Duplex Scan Carotid Arteries


77067 Screening Mammogram Bilateral


71260 CT Chest w/ Contrast


76641 US Breast Unilateral Complete


93971 US LE Venous Duplex


70553 MRI Brain w/ & w/o Contrast


Laboratory Charges

The following charges reflect the hospital's 30 most common laboratory procedures.
CPT Procedure Charge
36415 Venipuncture


80048 Basic Metabolic Panel


80051 Electrolytes


80053 Comp Metabolic Panel


80061 Lipid Profile


80076 Hepatic Function Panel


81001 Urinalysis Routine


82550 Creatinine Kinase Total


82553 Creatinine Kinase MB Fraction Only


82565 Creatinine (Serum)


83036 Hemoglobin A1C


83690 Lipase Level


83874 Myoglobin


84443 Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)


84484 Troponin Quantitative


84520 BUN


85025 Complete Blood Count With Differential


85027 Complete Blood Count


85610 Prothrombin Time


85730 Thromboplastin Time (PTT)


86140 C-Reactive Protein


86900 ABO/Rh


86901 RH Typing


87040 Blood Culture


87077 NID2


87086 Urine Culture


87186 Neg Urine Combo Panel 51


88305 Pathology Level IV Comp


83735 Magnesium Level


85652 Sedimentation Rate Automated


Hospital Billing Policies

Fisher-Titus Medical Center is a non-profit hospital and is committed to providing medically necessary services to all patients regardless of their ability to pay for the services rendered.

The Fisher-Titus Medical Center provides quality health care in a cost-effective manner to the residents of the Huron County area and maintains a strong financial foundation that includes the timely collection of accounts. Our billing and collection policy incorporates expectations for payment of services based on consistent criteria that considers the individuals financial condition and circumstance.

For patients covered by insurance, the Fisher-Titus Medical Center submits claims directly to the patients insurer on a timely basis. The patients liability (or balance owing) is pursued according to established collection guidelines. The Fisher-Titus Medical Center does not charge interest on patient accounts.

Uninsured or underinsured patients with balances owing can be screened for Medicaid eligibility and financial assistance. If the patient does not qualify for Medicaid or financial assistance, payment arrangements are available through the financial counseling office.

Financial Counseling has two full time counselors available to assist patients in completing the financial assistance process and to help patients resolve the self-pay portion of their accounts. The financial counselors can be reached at 1-800-589-3862 or 419-660-2678.

Consumers can access a number of government and private Websites, which provide additional information on hospitals' charges and quality.

For a complete listing of available online resources, please visit The Consumer's Guide to Quality Health Care in Ohio.

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