Fisher-Titus Virtual Visits — Your Provider at Your Fingertips

Healthcare is an ever-changing field, Fisher-Titus Medical Care is constantly looking for new ways of providing quality care that is convenient for our patients. Fisher-Titus Virtual Visits allow us to do just that. Patients now have the ability to complete a phone or video appointment with their regular healthcare provider without having to physically be in the office.

A phone or video visit is one important part of Virtual Visits. Like using Skype or FaceTime, these virtual visits allow patients to securely connect with their Fisher-Titus provider through their computer, tablet, or smart phone. During a virtual visit, our care team can confirm certain medical conditions, determine treatment plans, and submit prescriptions to the pharmacy – all without patients leaving the comfort of their home.

On Demand Visits in Partnership with Amwell

Feeling under the weather? Skip the drive and the waiting room with virtual on demand Convenient Care appointments. Simply download the Fisher-Titus Virtual Visit app in the Apple or Android app store to be connected with a board-certified, experienced medical provider. No appointment necessary.

Symptoms Treated by Fisher-Titus Virtual Visits

Video visits are ideal for diagnosing and treating common urgent care conditions, including:

  • Bronchitis, cold, cough, congestion, fever, flu and other sinus symptoms
  • Diarrhea, heartburn, nausea and vomiting
  • Cuts, scrapes, sprains, bruises, burns and insect bites
  • Hives, pink eye and rash
  • Infections, including bladder, yeast or urinary tract infection

Fisher-Titus Virtual Visits is NOT appropriate for more serious injuries and illness. If you are experiencing chest pain or pressure, severe bleeding or any change in cognition, facial drooping, paralysis or numbness, call 911 and go to the nearest Emergency Room.

Scheduled Visits

To schedule a virtual visit with a Fisher-Titus Medical Care provider, patients can simply call the office of the provider and let the scheduler know they’d like to be seen through a video visit. These appointments will be billed out through insurance at their normal rate, just as if they were being seen in person in the office.

Tips for a Successful Scheduled Virtual Visit

Choose a Space to Have Your Visits

  • Choose a quiet area where you can discuss personal details with your provider in private.
  • Sit in front a simple background so your provider can clearly see you. A plain wall or door is recommended.
  • Try to ensure that you’ll have good background lighting and that you can control any external noise sources so your provider can clearly see and hear you during your visit.
  • Download the AW Touchpoint app from your app store prior to your visit.  Your visit will automatically launch through the app, no need to open or sign in prior to your visit.
  • Check that you have a strong Internet connection or cellular signal in the space you’ve chosen to have your visit. If you are using Wi-Fi and your connection is weak, make sure communal use of Wi-Fi is limited during your visit. If the issue persists, consider hardwiring into your Internet connection.

Prepare for Your Visits

  • Set your laptop or device up at or above face level to make sure you provider can clearly see you.
  • Sit two to three feet away from the camera for best visibility.
  • Keep a set of headphones or a headset handy in case there is unexpected feedback from your microphone or speaker; using these will help reduce some of that background noise.
  • Make sure all applications are closed on your device or laptop so there is no interference with your camera settings.
  • Perform a microphone and video check through the AW Touchpoint app prior to your visit.

Focus Your Attention

  • Remember to look directly at your camera instead of the screen to make direct eye contact with your provider.
  • Remember that a visit should never be launched while you are driving or operating any kind of vehicle. Your provider will not be able to continue with your visit in this case.

Fisher-Titus Virtual Visits

Women uses Fisher-Titus Virtual Visits

Need to see a provider, but don't have time to wait for an in-person appointment? Download the new Fisher-Titus Virtual Visits app!

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