We're Here for You in All Emergencies Great and Small

The Fisher-Titus Medical Center Emergency Department is committed to providing quality emergency care in a timely manner.

The doctors, physician assistants and nurses are specially trained for emergency conditions and to provide quality emergency care 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Our Emergency Department is specialized and designed for the care of patients with acute illnesses and/or injuries. Our facility has been granted verified status as a Level 3 Trauma Center by the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Fisher-Titus Medical Center is the first area hospital to have this designation. And as a Level 2 Adult Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory and Certified Primary Stroke Center, our facility gives our community access to the highest-quality care, close to home.

"STAT" Registration

Upon arrival, Fisher-Titus Medical Center's Registrar will gather basic information about the patient, including name, address, birth date and social security number.


An ER Nurse will then triage the patient to determine the seriousness of his/her condition. The patient will then be sent to a Treatment Room in the Emergency Department.


In the Emergency Department, patients are treated according to the severity of their condition. Thus, the sickest patients are seen first. Depending on your illness or injury, certain tests may need to be performed while you are here. When the doctor has all of your test results, he will explain the findings to you. Your stay may be extended if additional testing is necessary or if the doctor needs to consult your physician or a specialist.

After the patient receives treatment, a Registrar will complete the bedside registration process that began during STAT registration. The patient will be asked to pay his/her insurance co-payment (if applicable) or a deposit of $50 if he/she is uninsured. This allows the patient to take care of the co-payment at the time of service, rather than worry about it later.

If necessary, Fisher-Titus Medical Center Financial Counselors will help patients without insurance access our financial assistance programs or pursue eligibility for government-sponsored programs. By doing this, we hope to provide these patients with peace of mind, knowing their obligations have been addressed.


After registration is completed, an Emergency Room Nurse will discharge the patient and provide written after-care instructions and any prescriptions ordered by the doctor. The nurse will explain the instructions and prescriptions and answer any questions the patient might have.

Admittance to the Hospital

If you need to be admitted to the hospital, the doctor will let you know and answer your questions.

ER Visitor Information

A Special Message for Family and Friends:

We understand the concern family members and friends have when a patient is being treated in the Emergency Department. So that we can provide a safe and private environment for all patients, we ask that visitors note the following rules:

A maximum of two visitors may accompany the patient to the treatment room, except in special situations.
Due to infection control concerns, food or drink is not permitted in treatment rooms.
The Emergency Department staff will make every effort to keep patients and families informed during the process, however, if you have a question, please ask.

If You are Experiencing a Medical Emergency, Call 9-1-1.