Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are exams that are typically performed on student-athletes. These exams are required by schools in order to ensure that student-athletes are healthy to compete. Here at Fisher-Titus, we offer the ability for you to schedule an appointment for a sports physical with one of our primary care providers.

What is a Sports Physical?

A sports physical is also referred to as a preparticipation physical examination (PPE). This medical exam is conducted before the start of an athletic season in order to identify if it is safe for an athlete to compete in the sport that they wish to. During the exam, the athlete's primary care provider will examine the athlete through a series of questions and observations and will analyze their medical history in order determine if there are any conditions that may heighten the athlete's risk of injury, illness, or other health complications.

The Importance of Sports Physicals

It is very important that student-athletes receive a sports physical. Your athlete's primary care provider will combine the results of their examination with your athlete's medical history in order to identify any existing or possible conditions that may put your athlete at a higher risk for developing an injury or an illness during their athletic season. Their primary care provider will consider the sport that your athlete wishes to play when evaluating them in order to determine if any possible health concerns may arise or cause complications. Without a sports physical, not only would your athlete not be able to compete, but they would also have a higher risk of getting injured and losing playing time and part of their season. Unlike a yearly physical examination, a sports physical provides a more specific analysis of your athlete's health in relation to the sport that they want to play.

Where Can I Take my Athlete to Get a Sports Physical in Norwalk, Ohio?

You can schedule an appointment for a sports physical online with a Fisher-Titus primary care or pediatric provider. Fisher-Titus primary care providers provide care in Norwalk, Wakeman, Milan, New London and Willard, Ohio.

What Should I Bring to my Athlete's Sports Physical?

You or your athlete should bring the required PPE form for their primary care provider to complete and sign.

What is the Deadline for Completed Sports Physicals?

It is recommended that your athlete has their physical completed 6-8 weeks before their athletic season begins. However, typically the deadline is the first day of practice for the athletic season, but it may vary school to school.

What Happens After My Athlete Receives their Physical?

If your athlete has been cleared to compete, even if they are issued restrictions, you will need to bring a copy of the PPE form to the school, athletic trainer, or coach. If your child is not cleared to compete, it might mean that they need a follow-up evaluation or treatment, or they cannot play because the risk to their health is too extreme. If your athlete's provider discovers an abnormality or symptom that might require further evaluation, your child may need a follow-up appointment.

How Long is the PPE Form Valid?

Your athlete is required to receive a sports physical, and fill out the required PPE form, once every 13 months.

How Do I Know if My Athlete Needs a Sports Physical?

If your child wants to participate in a school sport and is in grades 7-12, they are required to have a sports physical.

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