Published on October 15, 2021

Physical Therapy Month

By: Jeri Inmon, PT, Manager, Rehabilitation

October is Physical Therapy Month! What do you think of when you think of physical therapy? Do you think of recovering from an injury or surgery? That is probably the first thing that comes to mind for a lot of people. However, Physical Therapy is so much more! At Fisher-Titus, we have many specialty physical therapy services that you may not know about. In honor of Physical Therapy month, learn more about some of these services available to our community. PT Month

Vestibular therapy is a specialized physical therapy program that addresses symptoms of dizziness and/or imbalance. It is tailored to the individual, depending upon the cause of the symptoms, and helps to retrain the systems of the body for optimal equilibrium and balance.

Concussion therapy is a specialized physical therapy program that addresses any of the myriad of concussion symptoms, including but not limited to dizziness, imbalance, headache, and neck pain. While the majority of concussions resolve in a short period of time, this therapy can be beneficial for those with a delayed recovery, promoting return to normal function and sport play.

Cancer rehab is a specialized physical therapy program that combines aerobic conditioning along with large muscle group strengthening exercises to address some of the side effects of cancer treatment or cancer itself. Common reasons for referral are weakness, decreased endurance, fatigue, balance problems, and pain. Each patient is evaluated to get baseline measurements of their exercise tolerance and strength, and a personalized program is designed to optimize their functioning.

Certified Work Capacity Evaluators (CWCEs) perform functional capacity evaluations (FCEs) to determine maximum physical abilities for return to work after an injury or to determine abilities and/or limitations for disability.

Wheelchair assessments Wheelchairs provide alternative mobility and independence for those needing an alternate way of getting around their home and community. Wheelchairs come with countless options and customizable features to provide the user with optimal function. Our physical therapists will team up with an adaptive technology professional to find the right wheelchair for you.

Pelvic floor rehab is geared towards helping men and women with urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, trouble emptying their bladder, or difficulty making it to the bathroom in time. We use Biofeedback is used to help teach exercises correctly. Education provided on how environmental factors can contribute to your problem.

Sportsmetrics is a jumping program geared towards high school and junior high athletes to help reduce risk of injury while improving sports performance.

Aquatics therapy is the practice of performing physical therapy exercises in the water.

Custom orthotics provide relief of foot pain from a variety of issues such as flat foot, plantar fasciitis, poor foot alignment, arthritis/foot deformity, or mechanical changes due to aging. These are custom made specific to the patient's needs based on impairment. A custom orthotic can provide improved support, alignment, and pain relief.

The Orthopedic Specialist (OCS) certification was established to provide formal recognition for physical therapists with advanced clinical knowledge, experience, and skills in orthopedic practice and to assist consumers and the health care community in identifying these physical therapists. Orthopedic Clinical Specialization in physical therapy requires knowledge, skill, and experience exceeding that of the physical therapist at entry to the profession and is unique to the orthopedic area of practice. Jen Oakley Swartz is an Orthopedic Certified Specialist at Fisher-Titus.

Geriatric Clinical Specialists (GCS) are designated to those individuals who have successfully become board certified clinical specialists in the areas of geriatrics. At a minimum, therapists who receive this clinical distinction has completed 2,000 hours of direct patient care in the area of geriatrics, and have successfully completed a rigorous written examination. Jason Strong, DPT, PT is a Geriatric Certified Specialist.

If you feel like you could benefit from any of these services, talk to your doctor about a referral and then call the Fisher-Titus Rehabilitation Department at 419-660-2700 to set up an appointment. For more information, visit