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Volunteer Opportunities 

Volunteers Are a Vital Part of Our Health Care Team
Fisher-Titus Volunteer
Fisher-Titus Medical Center invites energetic, committed adults and teens to participate in our volunteer program

Volunteering is challenging, demanding and provides personal fulfillment which comes from helping others. Fisher-Titus Medical Center volunteers are essential members of the health care team, dedicated to providing the highest quality care to our patients, residents and the community.


Fisher-Titus Medical Center volunteers are involved in many activities

Volunteers assist at information desks, help visitors find their destinations, escort patients to various departments, work in the business office, help with mailings, serve as hosts/hostesses, and sort and deliver mail. Volunteers also help with a wide variety of resident programming at the Norwalk Memorial Home and The Carriage House.


  • Norwalk Memorial Home
    Assist with special occasions, water and nourishment routines and monthly events (i.e. bingo, service day and birthday parties).
  • Gift Shop
    Staff Fisher-Titus Medical Center's in-house shop.
  • Other Assignments
    Include special projects, paper shredding, shuttle transportation, surgery receptionist and assisting with neurology, orthopedic, cardiac, pulmonary and hearing clinics.
  • Admitting Department
    Help with transporting patients to various departments of the hospital.
  • Business Office
    Assist with filing and sorting information for mailings.
  • Hospital Floor Duty
    Messenger rounds, water/nourishment routines and delivery, sorting/distributing mail and staffing the Information Desks.
Gift Shop Vounteer
Fisher-Titus Medical Center Auxiliary
The purpose of the Auxiliary is to promote and advance the welfare of the Medical Center. Membership is open to the public. There are both "active" and "inactive" members. "Active" members participate in fundraising programs and vote in the affairs of the Auxiliary. "Inactive" members retain an interest in the work of the Auxiliary, but are not required to participate directly.
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How do I join?

For more detailed information about our program, please call Volunteer Services at 419-660-2556.

Ready to apply?  Complete our Volunteer Application.

Volunteer Application