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Fisher-Titus Medical Center Building

Transitional Care

Transitional Care Unit

Our comprehensive Transitional Care Unit is designed to provide care following a qualified three-day hospital stay to individuals who can benefit from continued skilled care or rehabilitation. An assessment is completed by our interdisciplinary team to determine short-term health and wellness goals.

The primary goal is to return home, whether home is at The Carriage House, or your home, condo or apartment. Rehabilitation effectively treats individuals to allow them to become medically stable, acquire the ability to safely bathe, dress, walk, have wheelchair mobility, eat and manage medical symptoms on their own. Intensive therapy - physical, occupational and speech - along with skilled nursing and other medical services are provided.

Persons in transitional care wear their own comfortable clothing. The typical length of stay is two to six weeks. Success of this program requires individuals to be motivated and follow their prescribed therapy program to achieve independence.

All accommodations in our Transitional Care Unit are private and equipped with a television and telephone. Transitional care is Medicare and Medicaid certified and covered by many insurance carriers.