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July 31, 2018

We’re Building a Whole New Medical Chart Just for You!

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Soon, more than 20 physician offices in the Fisher-Titus Health network will be part of
the same Electronic Health Record system (EHR).

The “One Chart” project, which began last fall, involves both of the ambulatory
(outpatient) physician offices that are part of Fisher-Titus Health and Cerner Corporation
– the company Fisher-Titus Medical Center worked with in 2010 to become the nation’s
first all-digital “smart” community hospital.

“Currently our physician offices are all on different technology platforms,” says Scott
Steinmetz, Vice President, Information Services, Fisher-Titus Medical Center. “By
building a new system with Cerner, we will be able to create a more comprehensive
Electronic Health Record for patients to enable seamless care across the Fisher-Titus
continuum of services.”

What Does This Mean for Our Patients?

“We believe our patients deserve the absolute highest level of quality care and
excellence, and we are in the process of modernizing the patient experience by
consolidating the multiple systems we currently have into one system,” says Glenn
Trippe, MD, FAAP, Chief Medical Information Officer, Fisher-Titus Health. “Our goal is
‘One Patient, One Chart, One Community, One System.’

“This new Electronic Health Record system will provide you with a personal medical
record that tells your complete health care story,” adds Dr. Trippe, “including physician
office visits and outpatient and hospital care.”
Offices involved in the new EHR project include:

  • Fisher-Titus Convenient Care, Norwalk and Willard
  • New Beginnings Pediatrics, Norwalk and Bellevue
  • Fisher-Titus Family Medicine, New London
  • Fisher-Titus Family Medicine, Wakeman
  • Bay Area Digestive Health
  • Fisher-Titus Behavioral Health
  • Fisher-Titus General Surgery
  • Fisher-Titus Family Medicine, Milan
  • Fisher-Titus Family Medicine, Willard
  • Fisher-Titus Primary Care, Norwalk
  • Fisher-Titus Pulmonary Medicine
  • Fisher-Titus Women’s Health
  • Fisher-Titus Endocrinology
  • Executive Urology Specialists

The EHR go-live dates will vary per office, but implementation will begin in late fall 2018
and be completed by March 2019.