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August 3, 2018

Fisher-Titus Occupational Health & Wellness Helps Companies Transform Their Workforces

handing water to worker-1In 2017, the leadership of Norwalk Concrete Industries approached Fisher-Titus for assistance in developing creative ways to engage their employees about their health. 

“Our issue was the rising cost of insuring our people and their families,” says John Lendrum, President, Norwalk Concrete Industries. “We had some unhealthy habits to address and we realized Fisher-Titus could help us improve the overall wellness of our employees, while reducing the cost of insurance for them and the company.”

Norwalk Concrete Industries and Fisher-Titus

The Fisher-Titus Occupational Health & Wellness initiative was launched when Norwalk Concrete Industries (NCI) signed on for a year-long pilot program last December. The program offers a menu of custom-tailored services, from biometric screenings and employee health risk analysis to targeted education seminars, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation training and substance screenings.

“Typically, I begin a program by creating a risk analysis for each participating employee based on their screening results,” says Danielle Hart, BA, BSN, RN, the Physician Practice Manager who guides the Fisher-Titus Occupational Health & Wellness program.

Danielle then works to build seminars and activities to address areas of concern and influence positive lifestyle changes. “For example, at NCI I led a sugared beverage class, helped them facilitate healthier vending and suggested that a water dispenser be added to the break room,” says Danielle. “As summer approached, we began offering employees sessions on hydration, heat-related illnesses and the importance of using sunscreen.”

Occupational Wellness and the Importance of Primary Care

The Fisher-Titus program also creates awareness of the benefits of having a primary care physician.

“Our partnership with Fisher-Titus is empowering our employees to take responsibility for their wellness in a preventive way,” says Paul Bennett, Business Operations Manager, NCI. “The program is gradually helping our people redefine what their relationship can be with a doctor, which helps develop a healthier, safer, more productive team.”

The program is a long-term journey for both large and small businesses, as employees recognize its benefits and evolve their behaviors around improving their wellness over time. However, some results of the Occupational Health & Wellness initiative can be immediate, as they were at NCI earlier this year.

“As result of Danielle’s screenings, several of our employees had serious medical conditions, like very high blood pressure, detected,” says John Lendrum. “They were unaware of their conditions and we were able to work with Fisher-Titus to promptly get them to a primary care physician and have the issues treated.”

Making a dramatic, short-term difference for employees, their families and this business illustrates how an investment in a Fisher-Titus Occupational Health & Wellness program can be immediately rewarding for everyone involved. “We view Fisher-Titus as a great partner to start this journey that will positively impact the total lifestyle of our employees,” John says, “as well as Norwalk Concrete’s work performance, now and in the future.”

Partner with Fisher-Titus for the Health of Your People

To develop a wellness program for your company, contact Fisher-Titus Occupational Health & Wellness at 419-660-2735.

Photo Description: Danielle Hart, BA, BSN, RN, Fisher-Titus Physician Practice Manager, reinforces the benefits of hydration at Norwalk Concrete Industries.