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April 19, 2020

North Central EMS Receives Paramedicine Grant from Ohio Department of Health

North Central EMS has received a grant through the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) for a Community Paramedicine Rural Pilot Program. They are one of three Emergency Medical Service organizations in the state of Ohio to receive this grant.

This grant provides North Central EMS with up to $225,000 over a three-year period to implement a Community Paramedicine program focused on health care in a rural area.

Community Paramedicine is a new concept in rural health care. It expands the role of the paramedic from the traditional emergency setting. North Central EMS will work with Fisher-Titus to identify patients that have difficulty accessing primary care services. Paramedics will provide scheduled, in-home care to improve long-term health outcomes of the medically underserved and improve the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases.

"ODH provides funds to North Central EMS to create a model that other rural EMS companies and health care systems can learn from and use to implement their own paramedicine programs," said Ashley Ballah, MHA, RDMS, RVT, director of North Central EMS. 

“In the end, the program will address gaps in primary care services by performing in-home health assessments for medically vulnerable populations and will reduce the cost of providing care for chronic conditions for both Fisher Titus and NCEMS,” said Ballah.

With the implementation of the program, Fisher-Titus expects to reduce Emergency Room visits, reduce 911 calls, and reduce readmissions to the hospital.

“This grant is a testament to the hard work Ashley and her team at North Central EMS put in everyday to ensure our patients and community have access to high quality health care,” said Matt Mattner, chief operating officer at Fisher-Titus. “It is exciting that the program developed by our team could be used as a model for rural communities across the state, and possibly the nation.”

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