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March 15, 2018

Fisher-Titus Lifts Age-Related Visitor Restrictions Set During Influenza Season

As of Thursday, March 15, age-related visitor restrictions due to the influenza season have been lifted at Fisher-Titus Medical Center. Flu activity has seen a decrease and it is now at safe levels to lift the age restrictions.

ftmc-patient-pavilion.jpg“We thank the community for their cooperation in helping to keep our patients safe during this unique flu season,” said Tami Binger, infection control preventionist at Fisher-Titus. 

In February, the Medical Center restricted all children and youth under 18 from visiting patient care areas of the Medical Center. The policy was set in place as a safety measure to protect patients as the flu starts to impact the community.

“We will still have restrictions for ill visitors--advising them not to visit if they have the flu. Visitors should also ask for a mask if they have coughing, sneezing or other respiratory symptoms,” Binger said.

Anyone who is sick, especially if they may be coughing, sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, have a fever, or stomach problems including diarrhea, can help protect patients and community members by not visiting until their symptoms are gone, Binger added.