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July 31, 2018

Beside Delivery: Making It Easier to Fill Your Discharge Prescriptions


Nishit Shah, MD, Medical Director, Fisher-Titus Medical Center’s Hospitalist program


Through Meds-to-Beds, your discharge prescriptions can be ordered and delivered right to your hospital bed before you leave Fisher-Titus.

Research shows that a delay in starting a medication regimen can be detrimental to a patient’s outcome. Nationally, about 33 percent of admissions to hospitals are caused by medication non-compliance. Patient-reported barriers to prescription compliance include lack of transportation, financial concerns and long wait times at the pharmacy.

“Since it started, the Meds-to-Beds program has been well received by our patients,” says Nishit Shah, MD, Medical Director of the Fisher-Titus Medical Center Hospitalist program. “Our hope is that with prescriptions in hand, patients can then travel uninterrupted to their homes and continue the healing process.”

How Does Meds-To-Beds Work?

While you are an inpatient, tell your nurse or doctor you would like to enroll in the Meds-to-Beds program to have your discharge prescriptions filled. Our staff will take care of the rest. The service is free of charge.

A Fisher-Titus pharmacist will process your prescriptions. Once your meds are filled, a member of our pharmacy team will deliver them to your bedside and explain everything you need to know about your prescriptions. If you need another cycle of a particular medication, your prescription can be refilled at any pharmacy, including Kaiser Community Pharmacy.

Although prescriptions filled upon discharge cannot be added to your bill, a majority of prescription insurance plans are accepted, and your medications will be directly charged to your insurance provider. Only the co-pay will be collected. The Meds-to-Beds program accepts debit, credit and HSA cards.

For complete Meds-to-Beds program details including answers to a list of frequently-asked questions, visit fishertitus.org/patient-information-meds-to-beds.