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June 9, 2020

Antibody Testing Available for Huron County Residents

Huron County residents age 10+ who are curious if they were previously infected with COVID-19 can now receive testing without any out of pocket costs in the coming weeks, thanks to a partnership between Fisher-Titus, Family Health Services, and Huron County Public Health.

With this newly available antibody testing, Huron County will now have a more accurate understanding of the amount of disease that has been, or continues to be, in our community. Antibody tests are done through a blood draw and looks for antibodies, which can show up if a person had been infected with COVID-19. Antibodies, which are disease specific, are proteins that help fight off infections and usually provide protection against getting that disease again. This test is not used to diagnose someone currently infected with COVID-19.

“Huron County Public Health is happy to partner with Fisher-Titus and Family Health Services to provide the antibody testing to our residents,” said HCPH Health Commissioner Tim Hollinger. “Along with providing a better understanding of the amount of disease within our community, these services and partnerships heavily contribute to our understanding of how HCPH will be able to reduce barriers to care for our residents and improve access to healthcare.”

Family Health Services is a non-profit, Federally Qualified Health Center that provides a “healthcare home” Patient Centered Medical Home that addresses the physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being of their patients with a special emphasis on people living with limited resources. They currently have five locations in Erie County, including three school-based clinics. Family Health Services has entered into a collaborative arrangement with Fisher-Titus to expand services to include Dental, Behavioral Health, and Primary Care to those that are uninsured and underinsured in Huron County.

“Family Health Services is excited about providing quality care to Huron County residents with an emphasis on targeting those with limited resources in rural areas,” said David Tatro, chief executive officer of Family Health Services.

Dates, times, and locations for the testing include:

  • New London: Fisher-Titus New London Family Medicine, 187 West Main Street
    • June 18; 3-7 pm
    • June 22; 3-7 pm
    • June 29; 8 am – 12 pm
  • Willard: Fisher-Titus Pain Management, 217 East Walton Street
    • June 18; 3-7 pm
    • June 22; 3-7 pm
    • June 26; 8 am – 1 pm
  • Norwalk: Fisher-Titus Medical Center, Parking Lot D
    • June 19; 8 am – 1 pm
    • June 20; 8 am – 6 pm
    • June 26; 8 am – 1 pm
    • June 27; 8 am – 6 pm
    • June 28; 8 am – 1 pm

“We know there is a lot of curiosity from the community on whether  an individual has been infected with COVID-19 or not because some people do contract it without showing any symptoms,” said Dr. Brent Burkey, president and CEO of Fisher-Titus. “Fisher-Titus is excited to be partnering with Family Health Services and Huron County Public Health to provide this testing to the residents of Huron County.”

Registration is required and is only open to residents of Huron County. No walk-ins will be accepted. To register for testing, please call 419-663-7511. There is no out of pocket cost for the testing; however, for those with insurance coverage, the insurance company will be billed. Please have insurance information ready when calling to register. Participants will be required to wear a mask during their appointment.

To learn more about Fisher-Titus’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit FisherTitus.org/coronavirus. For more information about Family Health Services, go to FamilyHS.org and for Huron County Public Health, visit HuronCoHealth.com.

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