Managing Your Care During a Hospital Stay

Your primary care physician has entrusted Fisher-Titus Medical Center Hospitalists to care for you while you are in the hospital. A hospitalist is a physician who cares for patients in the hospital. Because hospitalists do not have a practice outside of the hospital, they devote all of their time to treating patients inside the hospital.

What are the benefits of having a hospitalist on staff and to you and your primary care physician?

Hospital patients have access to a doctor 24 hours/day. The Fisher-Titus Medical Center hospitalist can be at your bedside immediately, follow-up on results and take action quickly. Hospitalists can keep a close eye on you while you're in the hospital. In case of an emergency, your hospitalist is never more then a few minutes away. Hospitalists also become very familiar with specialists, nurses and other staff in their hospitals. Hospitalists allow primary care doctors to remain in their own offices, rather then traveling back and forth to the hospital frequently. That helps your doctor keep you and other office patients healthy, and reduces delays in the office.

Who answers my questions?

Hospitalists provide the answers in person whenever possible. Since hospitalists are accessible 24 hours/day, they are able to spend more time talking to you and your family about your care.

How does the hospitalist know about me?

When you enter the hospital your primary care physician updates the Fisher-Titus Medical Center hospitalist about your condition and medical history. Throughout your hospital stay, the hospitalist communicates with your doctor on a daily basis.

Your Hospitalist Team

Our team works closely with your primary care physician to coordinate the best possible treatment for you. Our exclusive inpatient focus allows us to devote more time, attention and energy to addressing your individual needs and concerns while you are hospitalized. And we are readily available to you and your family for questions or concerns.

When you are hospitalized, our hospitalists focus on you.

When you are admitted to the hospital, your primary care physician will update the Fisher-Titus Medical Center hospitalist about your condition and medical history and will transfer the management of your care while you are in the hospital to the hospitalist team.

The hospitalist team will coordinate your care while you are hospitalized and update your primary care physician about your progress.

Hospitalists work only in the hospital and are available day and night. They closely monitor you during your hospitalization and are accessible in cases of emergencies and if concerns arise.

When you leave the hospital, your hospitalist will:

  • Send your primary care physician a summary of your hospital records and medications.
  • Let your primary care doctor know if you need follow-up care.

Prescribe the medicines you need to take when you leave the hospital. (Your primary care doctor will take care of refills, if necessary.)