Supportive Oncology Program

What is the Supportive Oncology Program?

This is an optional service that's available to all Fisher-Titus oncology patients in addition to their regular oncology care. It's provided in the oncology clinic by a doctor who specializes in providing supportive oncology care. The goal is to help people live their best possible lives during and after cancer treatment.

Though oncologists are trained to provide supportive oncology care, having assistance from a specialist allows them to put all of their focus on treating the cancer, while the supportive oncology specialist helps with symptoms and quality of life.

How can the Supportive Oncology Program help me?

You would continue to see your oncology team as before, but would also meet with the supportive oncology doctor to evaluate and treat any uncomfortable symptoms such as pain, constipation, insomnia, fatigue (tiredness), or anxiety that may develop as a result of cancer or its treatment.

Having cancer and going through treatment can be challenging. The supportive oncology appointments also give you an opportunity to talk about your experiences, learn about resources, and get help with making decisions.

Will insurance cover the Supportive Oncology Program?

Yes, it works like any other doctor's office and is covered by insurance in the same way as your oncologist visits. This means that depending on your insurance, there could be copayments and deductibles.

How do appointments work?

Appointments are scheduled by and take place in the Fisher-Titus oncology clinic. Though it isn't always possible, every effort will be made to coordinate the timing of supportive oncology appointments with other visits to the clinic so that extra trips aren't necessary. Though in-person visits are best, telehealth is also available.

How can I get more information about the Supportive Oncology Program?

Your nurse or oncologist will be happy to answer questions and start a referral if desired.

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