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  • The Power of Compliments 1/24/2022

    Judy Zellner, LPCC, Fisher-Titus Behavioral Health, discusses the power of kind and positive words in our latest Healthy Living Blog.

  • Eat Those Carbs! 1/14/2022

    Megan Turner, MS, RDN, LD, clinical dietitian with Fisher-Titus explains the difference in carbohydrates and why they are essential for our diets in our latest Healthy Living Blog.

  • The Importance of Milk for Growth 1/5/2022

    Learn about the importance of milk for growth in toddlers in our latest Healthy Living Blog post.

  • Keep a Clean Machine 12/27/2021

    Keeping your internet-connected devices free from malware and infections makes the internet safer for you and more secure for everyone.

  • Holiday Healthy Eating 12/20/2021

    Are you ready to take on the challenge of maintaining your weight or even losing a few pounds? If so, here are some ideas you can use at your next holiday gathering.

  • Physical Therapy Month: Physical Therapy Services You Might Not Know About 10/15/2021

    At Fisher-Titus, we have many specialty physical therapy services that you may not know about. Learn more.

  • Tech Talk for Teens 10/11/2021

    Learn more from Chief Information Officer, Linda Stevenson on how to help your teenager stay safe online.

  • The Importance of Colonoscopies 10/1/2021

    A colonoscopy is an examination of your colon and rectum that is performed to assist in early detection of colon cancer. Learn more.

  • Ready to be Steady: Fall Prevention Program at Fisher-Titus 9/24/2021

    Fisher-Titus Rehabilitation offers the Ready to be Steady fall prevention program and post-fall management program. Learn more.

  • COVID-19 and Kids: Frequently Asked Questions 9/21/2021

    Dr. Karen La Salle, Pediatric Hospitalist and Chief of Pediatrics at Fisher-Titus is answering some of the frequently asked questions about COVID-19 that many parents are facing these days.