Published on February 19, 2021

Fisher-Titus in the Community

Supporting the Health and Wellness Needs of Huron County and Beyond

We are always looking for ways we can support the health and wellness of the communities we serve. Whether it be through the programs we provide, donation of supplies or other items, supporting education at all levels, or financial contributions, we have proudly supported the community in many ways this year even as the pandemic changed the ways we were able to do so.

Fisher-Titus Track and Contractor's Stadium

Whitney 4

Late last year, we were excited to announce our support of the renovations at the Warren C. Whitney Complex in Norwalk. Renovations began in April with local contractors preparing the football field for turf and the track for resurfacing.

Work continued through the Summer with the completion of Contractor’s Stadium and Fisher‐Titus Track at the Warren C. Whitney Complex coming just in time for the start of the new football season for the Norwalk
Truckers and St. Paul Flyers.

Not only is this project a big deal for our local high school athletes, but the track will remain open for the public to use as a place to walk, run, and train. We are proud to be a part of this major improvement for the community.

Fisher-Titus AC&Y Trail Park

NL Burn 2

In May, we had the honor of partnering with the New London‐Greenwich Rail Trail group to create a new trailhead in New London. With our donation, the group was able to purchase the property at the trailhead and clear the lot to make room for a trail head and park.

Volunteers worked throughout the summer to prep the property cutting back landscaping, keeping it mowed, cleaning up the property, and preparing the house for a controlled burn.

The burn served as an opportunity for EHOVE students and local volunteer firefighters to further their education and get hands‐on experience.

Once complete, the property will be home to the Fisher‐Titus AC&Y Trail Park and will include parking and benches, and a site for future outdoor workout equipment and pavilion.

Wakeman Fitness Court at Red Cap Park
Wakeman Fitness Court

The Village of Wakeman received a $30,000 grant to create a new fitness court as part of the 2020 National Fitness Campaign (NFC). The court in Wakeman is the fifth of its kind in Ohio and the first in North Central Ohio.

In addition to the grant, funding from the village, and other local sponsors, Fisher‐Titus contributed a donation to support the court. This court has various types of fitness equipment that will drive health and wellness in the Wakeman community.

The new court is located at Red Cap park on Route 60 near the Eagles in Wakeman. A ribbon cutting took place and the park opened to the public in late November.

Adapting to Support the Community through the COVID-19 Pandemic

School Mask Donation 1

Community Health Screenings Expanded Offerings

At the start of 2020, we had six scheduled health screenings. After just one screening in February, we had to rethink the way we provided this service when the COVID‐19 pandemic hit Ohio in March.

We worked to add COVID‐19 precautions to the screenings like temperature and symptom checks, physical distancing, and mask wearing. We were able to reschedule all cancelled screenings and end the year with the six originally planned events.

Our community health screenings offer blood tests that individuals may need to get annually. Some insurance companies may only cover a portion. Our screenings offer the tests at a price that is a lower‐cost option for many individuals.

Previously, screenings were only offered in Norwalk at Fisher‐Titus Medical Center. We understood there was a need to bring this testing to communities such as Willard, New London, and Wakeman.

Couch to 5K Fall 2020

In March, our Spring Couch to 5K was cancelled as a COVID‐19 precaution. As it became clear that we would not be able to safely hold a traditional Couch to 5K program this year, we wanted to make sure we could still host a community for participants to hold each other accountable and cheer each other on.

The virtual Couch to 5K model was hosted online on the Fisher‐Titus website, in a Facebook group, and via email for those without social media. We hosted weekly virtual meetups with speaker videos since gathering in person as we normally do was not possible.

While we hope to be back in person for our next Couch to 5K session, we were glad we had the opportunity to offer this outlet for the community, especially during a time that has been mentally and physically challenging for so many.

Supporting Schools in Protecting our Students

School Floor StickersAs the end of the summer rolled around, schools were working hard to find the best ways to educate students while preventing the spread of COVID‐19. As leaders in health, wellness, and infection control, we wanted to do whatever we could to support schools as they worked to safely open for in‐person learning.

As schools created their re‐opening plans, we were glad to be able to provide several local schools with physical distancing floor stickers, lanyards for holding COVID‐19 education and reminders for students, proper mask wearing posters, masks for students who may not have one, COVID‐19 information, and more.

Additionally, we continue to assist schools with their school nurse programs. Since we established the first school nurse contract with South Central last year, we have added Fisher‐Titus nurses in schools at Norwalk
City Schools, Norwalk Catholic Schools, and Monroeville.

COVID-19 Antibody Testing for Huron County Residents

In June, Fisher‐Titus partnered with Family Health Services and Huron County Public Health to offer no‐cost COVID‐19 Antibody Testing for Huron County Residents ages 10 and up.

Early in the pandemic, testing for active infection was hard to come by meaning that it was usually only those who were the sickest who got tested. The antibody testing, once it became available, allowed Huron County to gain a more accurate understanding of the amount of disease that has been in our community. Additionally, it gave residents a greater understanding of their own disease history since many had wondered whether a previous illness was in fact COVID‐19.

Testing was offered at 11 clinics over the course of eight days in New London, Willard, and Norwalk. Four out of the 11 clinics were fully booked and, in the end, over 1,300 antibody tests were completed through
this partnership.

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