Published on June 12, 2020

The Uniqueness of Caring for Men's Health

My wife, Dr. Vicki Brown, and I have been in practice together for 25 years. I typically have the unique opportunity to provide care for mainly husbands as she cares for their wives—just the way things go in a rural setting.

It has always been fairly known that women tend to manage (or steer) the health care of the family more than men and thus direct the husbands in for appointments when they commonly might not do so otherwise.

Additionally, with social media and so much access to the internet both men and women have a lot more information to sift through both legitimate and not so legitimate about their health care needs.

For these reasons, I do think it is important to highlight men’s health and encourage them to take responsibility/control of their own health and seek assistance from a primary care physician. This men’s health month, take the time to think about your health and whether you are doing everything you can to care for it.

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