Published on January 23, 2020

Building Better Care for Our Community

Fisher-Titus continuously strives to improve patient satisfaction. We achieve it by listening to patient needs and ensuring that the physical space used to provide quality care meets our standards of safety, cleanliness, and provides a healing environment.

Over the next few years, many facility renovations and refreshes are planned at Fisher-Titus.

Surgery Center



A refresh of the Fisher-Titus Family Medicine and Women’s Health offices in Milan has been completed. The renovation brings the décor up to date with fresh paint and more modern finishes. Similar improvements to the Fisher-Titus Family Medicine office in Wakeman have also been completed.



In mid-September, Fisher-Titus broke ground on the 3,500-square-foot New London Family Medicine facility on the site of the existing office, which required partial demolition to create room for parking. The current Family Medicine practice remains open during construction.

The redesigned New London facility will feature two medical office suites, each with a private entrance and reception area. The medical building will have eight patient exam rooms; two nurse stations and work areas; and office space for physicians and other providers. Fisher-Titus Family Medicine will occupy one suite, with the second reserved for future community health-related services such as additional providers or specialty clinics.

New London Facts and Figures

In Norwalk, the Surgery Center of North Central Ohio is a jointly-owned venture between Fisher-Titus; certain surgeons from Bay Area Digestive Health; NOMS Access Orthopaedics; NOMS Ear, Nose and Throat; Northern Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists; and North Central Eye Associates, along with Health Care Facilities Partners which will be responsible for the management and operations of the center. Health Care Facilities Partners is known for ambulatory surgical center operational excellence. It successfully manages surgery centers throughout the U.S.

The Surgery Center will offer over 12,000 square feet of space, including pre- and post-surgical areas, three operating rooms, and a procedure room. The facility will be adjacent to the Fisher-Titus Convenient Care and Northern Ohio Foot and Ankle Specialists office on Milan Avenue (U.S. Route 250). Construction began in early October, with the facility slated to open in late 2020.



Fisher-Titus General Surgery will consolidate its two Norwalk locations into one newly renovated space on the second floor of Medical Park 3, located on the Fisher-Titus main campus. The project will expand into the space adjacent to the current General Surgery offices of Eric Schmidt, MD, and Jayne Minier, MD, to accommodate the relocation of the General Surgery office of Michael Nill, MD, and Farid Said, MD, from its current location on Executive Drive.

The renovation of Medical Park 3 will result in a total of 10 exam rooms and two procedure rooms as well as ample space for both General Surgery practices’ office staff.


Design and building contractor Janotta &Herner is working with Fisher-Titus on the New London Family Medicine project, The Surgery Center of North Central Ohio project, and General Surgery office renovation. This partnership is well established.

Fisher-Titus and Janotta &Herner have been working together since 1987. Over the last 32 years they have partnered on more than 100 projects ranging from ground-up new construction to interior and exterior office renovations, including a recently completed pharmacy inside Fisher-Titus Medical Center.

The historical timelines of both organizations reflect parallel paths of growth, community improvement, and employee benefits. According to Janotta & Herner President and CEO Mark Chase, over the last 57 years many hundreds of Janotta & Herner employees have utilized the outstanding medical services provided by Fisher-Titus.

“The employees of Janotta &Herner are very fortunate to have such high-quality medical care available in our small community,” says Chase. “The partnership between Fisher-Titus and Janotta &Herner is more than business; it is personal due to its positive impact on our families and friends.”

He adds, “Consequently, we have a strong desire to be involved in the successful development of Fisher-Titus facilities through our mutual partnership.”