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Workplace Health Initiatives You Should Be Using


Workplace health accountabilityWork is where you spend approximately one third of your day, five days a week, according to the CDC. With so many of your waking hours spent in the workplace, it’s important to utilize this time to further your health goals. Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you can’t be taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

In fact, the workplace provides many opportunities to promote healthy living. Whether your job provides initiatives or you take it upon yourself, there are many ways to foster workplace health.

Let’s take a look at some ways workplace health programs can help employees accomplish healthy lifestyles. These are the the top initiatives you should be using if they are offered at your place of employment, and even if not, there are a few on the list you can do on your own.

Employee Health Insurance

Many employers offer full-time employees health insurance. Opting into a policy can help you get regular preventative health screenings to monitor your health and prevent disease. Check with your employer to find out if this is offered to you.

Abide By Health Policies

Some employers have strict tobacco usage policies, and some locations are tobacco-free. Other employers require yearly flu shots, physicals or vaccination records, so be sure you know if any of these apply to your position.

Reporting Issues as They Arise

It is your employer’s responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment. If you notice something is not to standard, be sure to report it to your supervisor as soon as possible so the problem can be addressed. It could prevent problems for others, or even save lives, depending on what it is.

Goal Setting

Whether you’re trying to lower your cholesterol, lose weight or just want to get more steps in per day, establish what your health goals are and look for ways to achieve them at the office. Instead of sending an email to a colleague, get up and walk over to their desk. Avoid that cake in the break room. You can do it!

Educational Health Seminars or Fairs

Some places of employment offer health fairs or seminars about health issues. If these apply to you, do your best to attend and speak with the professionals to get your questions answered. You may learn about some of the new initiatives your company is taking toward a healthier lifestyle and how you can get involved.


Some companies have fitness centers onsite while others will subsidize health club memberships. If your employer has any of these offerings, find time that will fit in your schedule to use these perks. If not, here are some tips you can use throughout the day. You don’t have to hit the gym for hours each week to get fit at work.


Some places of employment will hold competitions or activities related to health. The World Health Organization states that recognition and awards are effective incentives for encouraging employee participation in these types of activities. Join your company’s softball team or take part in a weight loss challenge. If you win, there are usually prizes involved.

Eat the Right Foods

Choosing healthy foods that promote productivity takes a conscious effort and self-control. It’s okay to indulge if a coworker brings in a birthday cake, but consume daily snacks and lunches wisely — some foods will leave you feeling sluggish in the afternoon. Relying on a cold drink of water to stave off that 2:30 feeling rather than candy or chips will have a notable difference in your energy level.

There are countless other ways to stay healthy while at work, including proper posture and knowing when to stay home if you’re sick. For more ways to learn about workplace wellness, subscribe to our blog.

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