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Transform Your Office with Feng Shui

February 22, 2018 | Fisher-Titus Healthy Living Team


Thinking of doing some rearranging in your office? Feng shui is a common technique used to guide where your furniture, work documents and even plants should be placed to maximize floor space and productivity.

An ancient Chinese system for balancing the energies among individuals and their surrounding environments, there are many who swear by the positive changes they experienced by making a few adjustments to their space.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways feng shui can be a positive lifestyle shift for you and transform your office into a productivity powerhouse.

Clear Up the Clutter


Eliminating unnecessary items from your working area can not only make your space look more organized, it’ll help you feel more organized. Having more open space can lift a mental block when you don’t see as many things sitting out that you need to get to. Take an hour or so to go through the papers and other items taking up space, and pare them down only to what you really need.

According to feng shui, clearing away clutter will help you focus better and renew your mental sharpness. To maintain an organized workspace, create a schedule for routinely going through papers that pile up and other items that often make their way onto your desk. Choose a time each week, perhaps at the end of the day on Fridays when the week is winding down, to go through things before they pile up.

Allow Energy to Flow

One of the keys to feng shui is promoting a positive energy, and in your office space, an energy that facilitates productivity. One of the first items to address is desk placement. Ideally, keep your desk further away from the door, so any incoming and outgoing traffic isn’t a distraction. In an office with many desks, keep the aisles open so energy can freely pass through.

As for decor, paint your wall colors subtle tones to minimize distraction in an already bustling room. Keep yourself inspired with artwork you find creative and motivating. Choose pieces that aren’t too busy or distracting and infuse success, such as motivational quotes or symbols.

Maintain Balance

Balance is an important attribute of feng shui. Creating balance and harmony in your workspace will help attract the positive energies needed to be productive. You can do this by using yin and yang energy, which represents the masculine and feminine. It’s important to strike a balance between these two energies. Let’s say your office has a lot of light, angular furniture and bright colors. You can balance this with some dark accent pieces, and add some furniture or wall hangings that emphasize curves and flowing shapes.

The feng shui elements are wood, earth, metal, fire and water. Ideally, you should have each of these elements represented in your office space. Wood desks or metal filing cabinets are obvious choices, while adding some decor such as pottery for an earthy feel and a vase of fresh flowers for the water element, as well as access to windows for light (for the brightness of the fire element) can bring each of these elements together in a harmonious way.

Incorporate Stress Relievers

We all know work can get stressful at times, so adding natural stress relieving elements into the workspace can keep stress levels to a minimum. Playing soft music can promote productivity and set the mood. Using decor such as small fountains or essential oil diffusers are also good for reducing stress. Having plants around can promote positivity and relieve stress, while also improving air quality in your office.

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