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5 Tips for Varicose Vein Pain Relief

You’re enjoying your day, when all of a sudden you feel it. Your legs become achy and uncomfortable and you’re once again reminded that your varicose veins are not just unattractive, they also can be painful — leading you to skip activities you love and miss out on fun times.

But varicose veins shouldn’t stop you from living life to its fullest; luckily, there are ways to ease your discomfort. Follow these tips for varicose vein pain relief.


Varicose Veins vs. Spider Veins

Summer is well under way, and with shorts and skirts season upon us, it’s time to clear up the myth that varicose veins and spider veins are the same thing.

While both are unsightly, they are indeed two different types of vein issues. Let’s take a look at varicose veins vs. spider veins to help you determine which one you’ve got and what you can do about them.


Are Varicose Veins Hereditary?

That quick wit and warm smile. Your knack for solving crossword puzzles. The recipe for the strawberry pie you make every spring.

They all came from your dear mom. But it’s likely that so did the varicose veins that make you want to wear long pants on even the nicest of spring days.


9 Unusual Facts About Your Heart

Your heart is a wondrous organ, beating around 100,000 times a day and filling your body with oxygen-rich blood. We all know it is approximately the size of a fist, and women’s hearts beat faster than men’s, but here are some more unusual facts about your heart and the things it can do.


How to Tell If Chest Pain is Heartburn or a Heart Attack

It comes on suddenly—chest pain so sharp that you think you might be having a heart attack. But, then again, you just had a big meal. Are you merely suffering from a bout of heartburn? Or are you having a life-threatening heart attack?