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The Health Benefits of a Body Cleanse

February 08, 2018 | Fisher-Titus Healthy Living Team


Cleanses are popular these days, and there are dozens out there to choose from. But more than just a passing fad, a body cleanse is a way to rid your body of unnecessary toxins and give it an overall reset. 

If you frequently experience issues with digestion, a cleanse can offer some reprieve by eliminating acid and alkalines for faster relief. There are also various other parts of the body that can benefit from doing a cleanse, leaving you feeling invigorated as a whole.

In this post, rather than looking at specific cleanses, we’ll delve into the health benefits you can expect when you do a body cleanse.

What is a Body Cleanse?


But first, let’s clarify what this term means. A body cleanse helps the body rid itself of toxic substances. While the body has natural means of doing this through the liver, urine, sweat and feces, completing a body cleanse further helps the liver neutralize toxins and release them from your body.

Further, there is a difference between a cleanse and a detox, although the terms are often used interchangeably. While a detox diet eliminates unhealthy foods from your diet and requires you to eat certain foods with detoxifying properties, a cleanse not only eliminates unhealthy foods but concentrates on eating whole, healthy foods to give your palette and eating habits a reset.

The Benefits of a Body Cleanse

There are many benefits you will experience as you work to complete a body cleanse, no matter what kind you choose or how long you do it. Here are some of the awesome things a cleanse can do for you:

Improve Digestive Health

The chemicals we take in through the foods we eat and the beauty products we use can take a toll on our digestive health. By removing processed foods, a cleanse can aid the digestive process, reducing bloating and constipation. The easy-to-digest foods and the supportive supplements that are taken in during a cleanse help remove the toxins that hinder liver function and the digestive process.

Gain Control of Cravings

Cravings are more than a “mind over matter” situation; they can mean a hormonal imbalance. A cleanse typically includes drinking plenty of fluids, which can flush out the unhealthy foods you crave and help break the addiction to those foods. Liquids can fill you up, helping to curb hunger and subdue cravings. After time spent away from processed foods, your body will start to instead crave the healthy, wholesome options you replace them with in your diet.

Energy Boost

When your liver is working correctly, you will have increased levels of energy, but if it becomes overworked with breaking down too many toxins, your body will feel sluggish. Digestion alone uses quite a bit of our energy. According to a Mayo Clinic study which measured digestion time, the average from eating to elimination was 53 hours! By removing stored toxins, you can free up some of your body’s energy, leaving you feeling more energized and refreshed.

Improved Mental and Emotional Health

According to a German research study, the hormone cortisol is released when we’re stressed, which decreases liver function. Cleanses can help regulate your cortisol levels, helping to manage your stress through the chemical imbalance it causes. Processed foods like sugar, alcohol and caffeine contribute to adrenal fatigue, so eliminating these from your daily intake gives the adrenal glands a refresh. Healthy adrenal glands can help you better cope with stress and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Further, toxins can cause you to develop poor sleeping patterns and thus feel lethargic, which can affect your mood.

Doing a cleanse can leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed. In the beginning, you may be adjusting to the removal of certain foods from your diet, and any effects it produces. But once you complete your cleanse, you are bound to feel the positive benefits, both mentally and physically.

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