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Robotic-Assisted Surgery at Fisher-Titus


Nill_Dr._Michael_MD_FACS.jpgLearning that you need surgery can be nerve-racking. Whether it’s planned or unplanned, you’ll have many questions as you prepare yourself to go under the knife. The most important thing you can do is learn as much as possible about your procedure and follow your doctor’s advice.

When you research the procedure, you will learn that robotic-assisted surgery may be available for your operation. Commonly referred to as da Vinci surgery, it is a minimally invasive option that allows surgeons to perform complex procedures with incredible precision.

The da Vinci technology—with high-definition 3D vision and a magnified view—uses tinier incisions and has fewer side effects, faster recoveries and shorter hospital stays.

Although it’s called robotic, the surgery is performed entirely by a surgeon who controls the da Vinci system. The best part is that the movements are much smaller when done by the da Vinci instruments, so there is less impact on your body.

Fisher-Titus Medical Center’s board-certified surgeon Dr. Michael R. Nill, MD, FACS, performs umbilical, incisional and inguinal hernia repairs and has been using robotic-assisted technology for nearly two years. Dr. Nill says he is often asked about recovery time, required time off from work and the degree of postoperative pain. All of these, says Dr. Nill, depend on the size and location of a hernia and the patient’s medical conditions and surgical history.

Dr. Nill says he believes in this technology as a safe, useful tool in treating hernia patients. “Robotic surgery is just like laparoscopic surgery, except the instruments are more precise and can move more like the surgeon's hands,” says Dr. Nill. “The surgeon controls the instruments and performs the surgery as he would a laparoscopic surgery.”

For more information, visit our Robotic-Assisted Surgery page, or call us to learn more. If you would like to make an appointment with Dr. Nill, please call one of his office locations near you. In Bellevue, call 419-668-0680. In Norwalk, 419-668-0680. In Willard, 419-935-0196.