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Heart Healthy Foods You Should Try

Foods are powerful: they can be delicious, but they also have the ability to heal. Lately here at Fisher-Titus, we’ve been delving into the different ways foods can affect your body: they can improve


 your circulation, they can cleanse your arteries and even improve your mood.

That says a lot for heart health, so let’s take a look at another heart smart possibility: heart healthy foods you should try in order to avoid other cardiovascular issues. Add these to your diet in addition to the other healthy foods you can use to improve your heart health.

Heart Healthy Foods:


Chickpeas are a good source of soluble fiber, which can lower your “bad” cholesterol. They’re also high in potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, all supportive of heart health.


Heart healthy foods like lentils and other kinds of beans are high in minerals and fiber and low in fat. This makes them the perfect combination for lowering bad cholesterol.


Oats contain a fiber called beta-glucan, which is known to lower your LDL cholesterol. Just one and a half cups of oatmeal can give you enough beta-glucan daily to lower your cholesterol.

Safflower Oil

This cooking oil is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, both considered “good” fats by the American Heart Association. In fact, the organization recommends using it for salad dressings or recipes that call for cooking with oil.


Studies have indicated that grape polyphenols could reduce atherosclerosis and lower blood pressure. Grapes contain resveratrol, which is associated with a decreased risk of coronary heart disease.


An apple a day really does keep the doctor away! This red classic can reduce bad cholesterol. But be sure to chow down on the peel, too; that’s where most of the antioxidants are found.


Research has shown that snacking on just a handful of raisins can help if you have prehypertension. They’re loaded with potassium, which is known for lowering blood pressure.


Another red fruit that’s a heart healthy food, tomatoes contain lycopene, which is known for helping to keep blood from clotting and lowering LDL cholesterol. Tomatoes also contain potassium, which reduces your sodium levels and relaxes the walls of your blood vessels.


This veggie is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K and beta-carotene, all of which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also contains sulforaphane, which is known to improve blood pressure and kidney function.

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This leafy green is known for its super-food qualities, and it’s rich in many nutrients that are key to heart health. Packed with fiber, potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, kale is known to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and reduce blood pressure.