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Fisher-Titus Medical Center

Health Ministry

Bringing Health and Wellness to Your Congregation

Health Ministry Can be approached in a variety of ways depending on a congregation's needs

A Health Ministry program might be...

  • An interested member or pastor who requests that health and wellness programs be brought into the church.
  • A Health Ministry Committee whose members are interested in bringing health and wellness into the congregation. They do so by planning activities with the guidance of our Health Ministry Coordinator.
  • A health care professional within the congregation (preferably a registered nurse) who volunteers to address health and wellness issues through non-invasive screenings, education and referrals.

Fisher-Titus Medical Center will assist congregations in the following ways:

  • Serve as a resource on health and well-being matters for congregations of all denominations in the community. There is no cost to participating churches.
  • Consultation and help in forming a Health Ministry.
  • Resource materials and program ideas.
  • Networking with other health ministries in the community.
  • Lending library of information.
  • Periodic health ministry newsletter.
  • Help to identify and contact health resources and agencies.
  • Continuing-health-education offerings.
  • Provide some health screenings.

Examples of typical Health Ministry projects:

  • Conduct non-invasive health screenings.
  • Visit the sick.
  • Connect church members with health resources.
  • Teach congregation members good health practices.
  • Conduct hospital visits.
  • Act as referral agents.

Benefits to Congregation:

  • A visible example of the integration of body, mind and spirit.
  • Enhanced vitality of congregational life.
  • A more caring community.
  • A holistic approach to helping the community of God's people.
  • Improved access to shared church and community resources.
  • Congregation members empowered to assume a proactive stance in promoting healthy lifestyles.