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Heart Healthy Foods You Should Try

Foods are powerful: they can be delicious, but they also have the ability to heal. Lately here at Fisher-Titus, we’ve been delving into the different ways foods can affect your body: they can improve your circulation, they can cleanse your arteries and even improve your mood.


Salmon Burger Recipe

Packed full of flavor, this twist on burgers comes in under 200 calories and is far leaner than your traditional beef burger. Topped with all your favorite toppings, the salmon burger can easily become a go-to dinner that’s a guiltless treat for the whole family.

April 17, 2018 | Chef Darrin Torrey


The Effects of Binge Watching 

Binge-watching used to be pretty much impossible. The fact is, if you wanted to see the next episode of “Friends” or “Seinfeld,” you had to wait a week—or maybe even a whole summer.


Avoiding Joint Pain: Protect Your Joints as You Age

Your joints take a lot throughout your life. As the connector between your bones that prevents them from rubbing together, they enable us to bend and twist. Joints can get worn down over time, which can lead to chronic pain like arthritis.


9 Tips for Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain can be debilitating. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain, which can affect their quality of life and their ability to complete daily activities.