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Recipe: Stay Warm This Fall with Vegetable Tortellini Soup

As the temperatures continue to drop and the air becomes more crisp, you’ll need a way to warm up your evenings. This fall vegetable tortellini soup is as colorful as the leaves outside, and is packed with the nutritious ingredients you need to boost your immune system. What’s more, the combinations of vegetables you can add to this soup are endless, so there are many flavors you can try. Here are some baseline veggies to get you started:


What is Rezūm? Answers on This BPH Treatment Option

It’s the middle of the night and you’re running to the bathroom again. You know what’s causing the problem — it’s BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia, otherwise known as an enlarged prostate. As you empty your bladder for what seems like the 100th time that night, you can’t stop thinking about your trip to the doctor’s office in the morning. You’ll undergo a minimally invasive treatment called Rezūm to end your sleepless nights.

You’re living proof that a large prostate can squeeze down on the urethra and cause a frequent need to urinate. It may also cause an irregular flow, a weak stream or straining. It can even affect your sex life. But that’s where Rezūm comes in.

So what is Rezūm? Let’s take a closer look at this new BPH treatment option that uses steam to shrink your prostate and improve your quality of life.

September 19, 2017 | Donald Smith, MD, FACS


5 Tips for Varicose Vein Pain Relief

You’re enjoying your day, when all of a sudden you feel it. Your legs become achy and uncomfortable and you’re once again reminded that your varicose veins are not just unattractive, they also can be painful — leading you to skip activities you love and miss out on fun times.

But varicose veins shouldn’t stop you from living life to its fullest; luckily, there are ways to ease your discomfort. Follow these tips for varicose vein pain relief.

September 14, 2017 | Fisher-Titus Healthy Living Team


6 Little-Known Facts About Peripheral Artery Disease

September is Healthy Legs Month, so to raise awareness, we are discussing peripheral artery disease and some things you probably didn’t know about it. This common disease affects millions of Americans every day, so keep reading to learn if this is something you should discuss with your doctor.

September 12, 2017 | Fisher-Titus Healthy Living Team


Understanding Comprehensive Pain Management

Millions of Americans experience chronic pain.

Doctors define chronic pain as pain that lasts at least three months. It can be a dull ache or a sensation of throbbing, stinging or burning. Pain also can take the form of soreness or stiffness.

For those who experience chronic pain, however, no definition is really needed. They know it when they feel it—and it can take all the joy out of life.

The thing is, understanding comprehensive pain management and finding a solution to pain isn’t always as easy as going to one doctor and getting something “fixed.”

Indeed, chronic pain can be a multi-faceted problem that requires input from more than one specialist. It also requires an individualized treatment plan.

September 07, 2017 | Joshua Goldner, MD