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Tips for Preventing Spring Sports Injuries

Now that spring has arrived, our young athletes are on the track, fields, tennis courts, golf courses and baseball diamonds. Depending on what they’ve been doing in the off-season, that could mean trouble.

The boy who spent his winter on the couch might be out of shape and, thus, more prone to injury. But the girl who spent her entire winter playing basketball, and nothing but basketball, and is now gearing up for a spring full of basketball, could also face trouble.


9 Unusual Facts About Your Heart

Your heart is a wondrous organ, beating around 100,000 times a day and filling your body with oxygen-rich blood. We all know it is approximately the size of a fist, and women’s hearts beat faster than men’s, but here are some more unusual facts about your heart and the things it can do.


Do Probiotics Aid Digestive Health?

A decade ago, we didn’t hear much about probiotics. Sure, we had a vague sense that yogurt might be good for us, but most of us would have cited the calcium as its major benefit—not the live bacteria.


10 Ways to Take Care of Mom This Mother's Day

You’re busy. We’re all busy. Celebrations come flying at us and we do our best to put something special together with mixed results. The thing is, it doesn’t require a lot of money or even that much time to make most moms happy. So this year, why not put in a little advance planning to let your mom know she’s appreciated and loved. Here are 10 ways to take care of Mom this Mother’s Day.


How to Tell If Chest Pain is Heartburn or a Heart Attack

It comes on suddenly—chest pain so sharp that you think you might be having a heart attack. But, then again, you just had a big meal. Are you merely suffering from a bout of heartburn? Or are you having a life-threatening heart attack?