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Are You Looking For A Rewarding Career In Health Care?

You Have Come To The Right Spot.

We know you want more than just a job – you want a career that makes you feel empowered with opportunities for career growth and increased earning potential.

At Fisher-Titus, we have a variety of ways to help you advance your career, including educational assistance. This means that the sky is the limit – you can start out at an entry level position, use the tools we have available, and land that dream job you have been thinking about.

In fact, we have several current employees throughout the organization who have taken advantage of these tools. We have employees who started out in non-clinical departments like dietary and environmental services who are now registered nurses, managing our Norwalk Memorial Home, and more.

Meet Our Team Members:

Meet April Woody MSN, RN,

April Woody, MSN, RN, always knew she wanted a career in the medical field. Not only does she have a passion for helping people, she knew that healthcare was something that was always going to be around, providing for a stable career.

And when looking for her first job in healthcare, she looked at Fisher-Titus.

April began her career with the organization in 2007, after graduating from New London High School and EHOVE Career Center, as a temporary home health STNA where she worked for about three months while someone was on maternity leave. As her temporary position was coming to an end, she graciously accepted a position working part-time as a secretary filling in at physician offices. When a secretary position became available in the hospital on the Medical Surgical (Med/Surg) Units and ICU April transitioned into this position. While in this position she got the opportunity to be trained in the central monitor area watching patients on telemetry.

During this time, she was attending nursing school in which Fisher-Titus provided financial assistance through a nursing scholarship.

April then became a Point of Care Technician, an important role that assists with patient care activities to help healthcare providers perform various technical and clerical procedures in the patient care area.

In 2009, April received her second nursing scholarship to help pay for her last year of nursing school. During this year she also became a nurse intern, which provided her with a diverse experience. She got the opportunity to work in areas such as the emergency room and post anesthesia care unit (PACU).

April graduated with her Associates Degree in Nursing in 2010, took her boards, and landed a full-time nursing position on the Medical/Surgical unit. However, after about 6 months she had the opportunity to take a position in the ICU.

Although she had a full-time position with Fisher-Titus, April knew she wanted to keep advancing her education and her career. In 2015, she earned her Bachelor of Nursing degree, utilizing educational assistance that is offered to Fisher-Titus employees. While working on her degree, April got the opportunity to work as both the Cardiovascular Charge Nurse and Nursing Supervisor, respectively. And during all this, she expanded her family by having her first son. She then went on to become the manager of Obstetrics in 2017.

A year later, April earned her Master of Science in Nursing with a focus on executive leadership, again utilizing educational assistance from Fisher-Titus. Shortly after obtaining her degree she became the manager of Cardiovascular Services. Within her first year as the Cardiovascular manager April was able to use her education and experience to help her team navigate through the process of implementing a level II Cardiac Cath Lab program.

Her story, however, doesn’t end there. April is now working on her Masters of Business Administration degree with the help of educational assistance. She has an anticipated graduation date of January 2021.

She credits Fisher-Titus for helping her realize her potential and achieving her goals.

“Fisher-Titus helped ease the financial burden that comes with pursuing higher education,” she said. “I feel my education has helped me advance into leadership and has helped me be a better leader to my team.”

So why has she chosen to make a career at Fisher-Titus? According to April, she’s grown up here and loves what she does.

“I started working here when I was 18 and, well, now I’m a lot older,” she said. “I have worked in other organizations but Fisher-Titus is my home. The people who come in our doors are not strangers; they are our neighbors, friends, and family. By staying here and educating myself in what is happening in healthcare, I get to help ensure Fisher-Titus Medical Center – our community hospital – is able to provide the right care, right here.”

April stated that she loves to encourage people to check out a career in healthcare because there’s always room for growth.

“If you’re looking for a career in healthcare, know just because you start in one field or specialty that does not mean you will remain there forever, there are so many directions your career can take you,” she said.

Meet Taylor Blakely

Taylor Blakely always wanted a career in the health care field. She earned her bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry and a minor in aging in health from Miami University in 2015. Her next step was getting into physician assistant (PA) school.

She needed volunteer hours to apply for PA school and came to Fisher-Titus. Karin Roberts, director of volunteer services, utilized her for a few months before she saw a great opportunity for Taylor. A transporter position became available in the Imaging Services department and Karin encouraged her to apply. In this position, Taylor would bring patients from their rooms in the hospital to the Imaging Services department to have procedures such as x-rays, CT scans, and ultrasounds among others. She also helped with front desk duties on the outpatient side.

But then, Taylor’s career plans came to a halt. She didn’t get into PA school as it is highly competitive.

As Taylor evaluated what she wanted to do, she continued working as a transporter and learned about the very important role of the Point of Care Technician (POCT). At Fisher-Titus, the POCT is an individual that works side by side with the nurses and other health care providers. They assist with daily patient care activities and various clinical procedures in the patient care area. Before officially applying for the position, Taylor was able to lend a helping hand. It was during that time she had the realization that she wanted to be more involved with the patients.

“I was extra help on the floors throughout the winter,” Taylor said. “I was able to be hands-on with patients and see the difference I made. That was the patient interaction I was looking for.”

In 2017, Taylor started nursing school and utilized the Educational Assistance Program offered by Fisher-Titus. She remained working full time while attending nursing school. Through support from her coworkers with schedule switches and covering shifts, she graduated in May 2019 becoming a Registered Nurse and now works at the facility as a Staff Nurse on nights on the pediatric floor.

“If it wasn’t for the educational assistance program, I probably wouldn’t have been able to go to nursing school,” Taylor said. “Because I already had a bachelor’s degree and I wasn’t working towards furthering that degree or another bachelor’s degree, there wasn’t really any options for loans or grants. Aside from any possible scholarships, I was going to have to pay cash out of pocket for nursing school. I wasn’t going to be able to afford the entirety of that.”

Although Taylor’s initial career plan didn’t work out quite how she originally hoped, she has no regrets.

“It was an absolute blessing in disguise that I didn’t get accepted into PA school,” she said. “I love the work I do as a nurse and I love the people I work with at Fisher-Titus. I work nights and we are like one big family – there is plenty of teamwork and support for each other.”

Featured Positions:

Point of Care Technician (POCT) – This position assists with patient care activities in order to help health care providers with a variety of technical and clinical clerical procedures in the patient care area. Minimum requirements are a high school diploma and a passion for helping people.

STNA – This position performs various duties assisting the staff nurses in the treatment and optimal safe care of residents of Norwalk Memorial Home and patients at Fisher-Titus Medical Center. Minimum requirements are a high school diploma, completion of a nursing assistant assistance program, and good communication skills.

An STNA and a POCT assist in patient care in a variety of ways, including:
  • transporting patients safely via wheelchair or stretcher
  • bathing
  • obtaining vital signs and/or specimens
  • positioning, lifting, and turning
  • maintains knowledge of the plan of care for patients or residents and carries out the plan to ensure personal care needs are met while following standard precautions to prevent the spread of illness.
  • documents work performed in the electronic medical record
  • works collaboratively with the interdisciplinary team and reports any changes observed in the condition of the patient or resident
  • attends to needs of patient or resident by answering call lights and being proactive in meeting needs of patients or residents
  • maintains a high regard for confidentiality and privacy

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Date:  Thursday, March 5

Time: 12 pm or 6 pm - choose a time that works for you

Location: Ghrist Room at Fisher-Titus (park in Lot C and enter through the Pavilion; the Ghrist Room will be on the left side near the elevators)

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