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Fisher-Titus Medical Center

Community Services 

Building the Community

As a not-for-profit, Fisher-Titus Medical Center's income is reinvested in the Medical Center and the health of the community. The dollars earned allows us to provide state-of-the-art facilities, invest in new medical technology and equipment, expand services to meet community needs and compensate our employees.

By being strong financially, we are able to fulfill our charitable commitment and provide quality care for all.

Fisher-Titus is committed to serving community members with outreach programs. Programs included:

Huron County Health Assessment

Check out the 2014 Huron County Health Assessment to learn more about the health of our community, and learn more by visiting www.huroncohealth.com.

In response to the Huron County Health Needs Assessment, the Board of Directors of Fisher-Titus Medical Center has determined that certain health needs identified in the assessment should be addressed as the highest priority through an implementation strategy noted for each such need.

Click here to view the implementation plan for needs identified in the community health needs assessment for Fisher-Titus Medical Center.