Fisher-Titus Nurse Residency Program

This program is designed to support the entry of nurses who have recently graduated from an accredited nursing program and passed their State Board of Nursing into professional practice or who have less than one-year experience and have been accepted into Fisher - Titus Medical Center.

A program designed for the new nurse

The Nursing Residency Program is designed for enhancing clinical judgement and critical thinking skills during and after the preceptor program for a total of 12 months after orientation is complete. During the residency, the new Staff Nurse will experience:

  • Trained and supportive preceptors to help the individual develop their clinical skills, delegation, time management and professional practice.
  • Educators, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Nursing Leaders who are invested in the Staff Nurses individualized learning plan.
  • Increases decision-making competence and confidence
  • Improves professional commitment and satisfactions
  • Enables consistent use of evidence-based practices
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  • Builds stronger clinical nursing leadership and critical thinking skills
  • Provides individual development plans for their new role
  • Seminars and simulation experiences to deepen the Nurse’s knowledge of evidence-based nursing practice.
  • Participation in an evidence-based practice project under the guidance of a specialty or advanced practice nurse that will benefit Fisher – Titus Medical Center.
  • The supportive nursing environment and collaboration of Nursing Leadership, Nursing Professional Development specialists/Nurse Educators & Patient Safety & Accreditation teams.

Nurse Residency Program overview

    • Complete General Orientation
    • Nursing Orientation includes Hands on, Simulation, ECG & Pharmacology course, pediatric foundations, etc.
    • Enter the Nurse Residency Program (Preceptor Program)
      • Rotate between units for a total of 16 weeks when applicable
      • 12 Month investment into continuing education provided by the Ohio Nurse Association Provider Unit #285 for new nurse to earn 36-48 Continuing Education hours
        • Nurse Educators will provide case scenarios that the Nurse Resident must complete prior to coming to the educational event to enhance critical thinking
        • Required to attend once a month a 3-hour educational program that includes didactic, hands on and mock scenario education


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