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We know you want more than just a job – you want a career that makes you feel empowered with opportunities for career growth and increased earning potential.

At Fisher-Titus, we have a variety of ways to help you advance your career, including educational assistance. This means that the sky is the limit – you can start out at an entry level position, use the tools we have available, and land that dream job you have been thinking about.

In fact, we have several current employees throughout the organization who have taken advantage of these tools. We have employees who started out in non-clinical departments like dietary and environmental services who are now registered nurses, managing our Norwalk Memorial Home, and more.

Meet Our Team Members:

April Woody

April Woody, MSN, RN, always knew she wanted a career in the medical field. Not only does she have a passion for helping people, she knew that healthcare was something that was always going to be around, providing for a stable career.

And when looking for her first job in healthcare, she looked at Fisher-Titus.

April Woody, MSN, RN stands in cardiac cath lab

Keaton Ruggles

Keaton Ruggles always knew Fisher-Titus was a place he wanted to work – his mom also works at Fisher-Titus and it is close to home.

In 2014 while working at a pizza place in his hometown of New London, Keaton began to think about his career.

“I decided to apply at Fisher-Titus because I was going to school to get my STNA license and knew I wanted to work there as a Registered Nurse when I was done with nursing school,” he said.

Keaton started as a State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA) with Norwalk Memorial Home, then transferred to Registration while working on his Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) license at Sandusky Career Center. He worked in a variety of departments including Emergency Department as a resource and transition representative and The Center for Wound Healing as a hyperbaric safety coordinator in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy department. He then decided to go back to Sandusky Career Center go get this Registered Nurse (RN) license.

Keaton currently works as a staff nurse on 2 north and is hoping to go back to school to get his bachelor’s degree. Nursing is a career he sees himself in for a long time.

Keaton Ruggles

“I like the flexibility of nursing,” he said. “There are always job opportunities in many different settings. Nursing also provides many different challenges throughout one’s career with continual changes in the medical field.”

Keaton said he plans on utilizing educational assistance offered by Fisher-Titus.

“I think the educational assistance program available at Fisher Titus is great, it definitely made the decision much easier to continue with my education knowing Fisher Titus would help financially,” Keaton said.

Keaton said he would encourage anyone to work at Fisher-Titus.

“I have been able to learn and develop so much as a health care professional because of the experience I have received from Fisher-Titus,” he said. “My coworkers are great and extremely helpful. Fisher-Titus is great place for someone looking for career growth and development.”

Cathy Robustellini

Cathy Robustellini started her career as an emergency medical technician (EMT) in January 1980 after attending classes at EHOVE. Upon receiving her certification, Cathy began working for Norwalk Ambulance Service. This was a very part-time position where the scheduled Driver/EMT had the squad at their residence and when a call came in, they responded to their scheduled partner's residence, picked them up, and responded to the scene.

In 1984, Cathy attended classes and completed her Advanced EMT Certification. In April of that year, Milan Fire/EMS and Norwalk Ambulance joined forces, spear-headed through Fisher Titus, and became North Central EMS— the brainchild of Mr. Pat Martin, former President & CEO of Fisher-Titus. She joined the newly-established North Central EMS and became a paramedic in 1988. Today, Cathy is the only full-time employee that has been with North Central since its inception 34 years ago.

Cathy Rpbustellini

"I am not sure what motivated me to become part of EMS," said Cathy. "Before working as a full-time EMT, I worked as a legal secretary in Norwalk. While working in the legal field, I had many friends in law enforcement— many of them also worked part time for Norwalk Ambulance. I was intrigued. I had a desire to help people, that was the way I was raised. If someone needed something, you helped them. Being in EMS, you gain many friends. You work 24-hour shifts, often with the same person every third day. Your partner becomes your family."

Cathy has many awesome memories. Some as amazing as delivering four healthy baby boys, and some that were the worst days of someone's life.

"Those are the days that we learn the most from," said Cathy. "That we have to pick ourselves up and just move forward. I have cried and prayed with family members; I am not ashamed of that."

About 32 years ago, Cathy became a CPR Instructor through The American Heart Association and, under Fisher-Titus as a Training Center, North Central EMS became a training site. Being able to teach members of our community how to help others and save lives speaks volumes.

"I never realized the domino effect that teaching life-saving skills would have. But my biggest passion is probably the kids," said Cathy.

She began teaching Safety Town to kids that would soon be going to Kindergarten in Greenwich about 15 years ago. Cathy says this is an excellent time to fill their little brains with knowledge about being safe and that EMS, Fire, Police and K-9 units are their "safe" friends. Children have the opportunity to learn many things from these first responders including "Stranger Danger" and making smart choices. They also can to take their first school bus ride while learning about bicycle, playground, and railroad safety. Cathy has watched many of these children grow up, graduate, and become young adults.

"If I had to do all of this all over again, I wouldn't change a thing, said Cathy. "I truly love my job and my company."

Kelly Schaffer

Kelly Schaffer, BSN, RN, has been a nurse in the emergency department at Fisher-Titus for roughly 30 years.

What’s kept her in the same department for so many years?

The patients she encounters each day.

“Patients are so appreciative,” Kelly said. “I can walk into the room and they’ll say, ‘I’m so glad you’re here, Kelly’. They settled down as soon as they see me because I’m a familiar face.”

This community feel is what attracted Kelly to Fisher-Titus when she had graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Toledo.

Kelly Schaffer, RN“It’s being part of the community and adding to it,” she said. “My mother-in-law worked here, and she said it was a great place to work.”

When Kelly first joined the Fisher-Titus family she worked in ICU and the step down unit for a year. Then she found her calling in ER. She worked as a staff nurse until 2017 when she became a critical care specialist in the department.

“It’s challenging and ever-changing,” Kelly said of working in the ER. “You have to know about everything. It’s the thrill of saving lives and knowing you can make a difference. I go home thankful for the life I have – it could change in an instant.”

Another one of Kelly’s roles has been to serve as a preceptor to new nurses to the organization.

“I like building competencies and confidence in them to take care of patients,” she said. “I’m the cheerleader here.”

Kelly has made such an impact during her tenure at Fisher-Titus that she was recently nominated for Ohio Hospital Association’s (OHA) Albert E. Dyckes Health Care Worker of the Year Award in which she was a top five finalist. Kelly was also the winner of the first of its kind Fisher-Titus Nurse Excellence Award in 2015 and is a past winner of the Florence Nightingale award – one voted on by Emergency Department staff.

“Fisher-Titus has been honored to have Kelly as a part of our nursing family for 30 years,” a fragment of her nomination read. “Kelly’s passion for patient care is inspiring; she embraces the opportunity to impact someone’s life, every person, every day, with unconditional compassion.”

When Kelly was looking at careers and chose nursing, it took a little convincing on her mom’s part, especially because there were no other nurses in the family.

“Mom said if I can work as a nurse’s aide, then I can go to school for nursing,” Kelly said, noting that nursing has been a very rewarding career. “You have to really listen – not just to the patient, but the family and the doctor,” she said. “You have to remember that’s what we are here for – to help people. There will be rough days but also awesome days.”

Featured Positions:

Point of Care Technician (POCT) – This position assists with patient care activities in order to help health care providers with a variety of technical and clinical clerical procedures in the patient care area. Minimum requirements are a high school diploma and a passion for helping people.

STNA – This position performs various duties assisting the staff nurses in the treatment and optimal safe care of residents of Norwalk Memorial Home and patients at Fisher-Titus Medical Center. Minimum requirements are a high school diploma, completion of a nursing assistant assistance program, and good communication skills.

An STNA and a POCT assist in patient care in a variety of ways, including:
  • transporting patients safely via wheelchair or stretcher
  • bathing
  • obtaining vital signs and/or specimens
  • positioning, lifting, and turning
  • maintains knowledge of the plan of care for patients or residents and carries out the plan to ensure personal care needs are met while following standard precautions to prevent the spread of illness.
  • documents work performed in the electronic medical record
  • works collaboratively with the interdisciplinary team and reports any changes observed in the condition of the patient or resident
  • attends to needs of patient or resident by answering call lights and being proactive in meeting needs of patients or residents
  • maintains a high regard for confidentiality and privacy

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