Fisher-Titus Celebrates Four Graduates of Nurse Residency Program

Fisher-Titus honored four graduates of their Nurse Residency Program in a small, outdoor ceremony earlier this month. Sidney Allen, Morgan Geyer, Taylor Ritzler, and Jordan Williams all completed the year-long program which aims to support the entry of nurses into their nursing careers. 2021 Nurse Residency Program Graduates

“Since the program’s inception in September 2020, I have had the privilege of witnessing the personal and professional growth of each resident involved in our Nurse Residency program,” said Stacy Daniel, BSN, RN, Manager, Nursing Operations. “I am so proud of our first group of Nurse Residents and how much they’ve grown in the past year. I look forward to watching more new nurses develop their professional knowledge and skills through the Nurse Residency Program in the years to come.”

Through a combination of didactic, hands-on, and mock scenario education the Nurse Residency Program at Fisher-Titus utilizes evidence-based nursing practice to increase the decision-making competence and confidence of the nurse residents while developing their critical thinking skills. The program also offers the opportunity for participants to form mentorships throughout Fisher-Titus that can be beneficial to their professional growth and development.

“The Nurse Residency program has allowed me to better appreciate all departments and how it takes a whole team of different departments and specialties to provide complete care for a patient,” said Jordan Williams, RN, charge nurse in the Emergency Department. “My level of confidence as a nurse has grown and I hope to take all my education from Nurse Residency and apply it to my nursing practice to help me become the best nurse for my patients.”

Over the course of the past year, nurse residents followed a patient through the lifespan, completing education on 12 disease processes, which they may encounter in their nursing careers. These topics aimed to build on what they learned in nursing school and help them increase their knowledge and better prepare them for real-life situations. Based on pre- and post-education day evaluations, the nurse residents saw a 358% overall increase in knowledge through the Nurse Residency program.

“As a new graduate, entering the healthcare field—especially in the midst of a pandemic—was nothing short of intimidating. With all the new challenges and having to learn to adapt to all different situations, the Nurse Residency program gave me an extra confidence boost and has assisted me in blooming as a new nurse in her first year,” said Morgan Geyer, RN, staff nurse on 2 North. “I feel much more comfortable than I ever would have thought possible within my first year thanks to this program and the educators who make it possible.”

“The Nurse Residency program helps new nurses feel comfortable and knowledgeable when caring for their patients,” said Taylor Ritzler, RN, staff nurse in OB. “The program gave me the extra knowledge needed and real-life scenarios that I may encounter so when they happen, I am prepared and can take the appropriate steps for the best outcomes.”

2021-2022 Nurse ResidentsDuring the ceremony, Fisher-Titus also welcomed six new nurse residents to the program. Lexi Brooks, Madeline Fickes, Yolanda Hockenberry, and Aliceon Klotz, Lauryn Maloney, and Katlyn Moore begin their year of nurse residency this month. Nurse Residents work as staff nurses in various areas of the hospital and some may rotate between units over the course of the year to help them find the area they are most passionate about.

“The Nurse Residency program has been very beneficial for a new grad like me. The program provided me with extra information and reinforcement regarding certain topics that I will encounter,” said Sidney Allen, RN, staff nurse for OB and 2 North. “I have felt more prepared in certain situations because of this program. It has been a great learning opportunity and I feel more prepared as a nurse because of it.”

Applications for the 2022-2023 Nurse Residency Program will open Spring 2022. Watch for more information in the coming months on our Facebook page and website. For more information about the Nurse Residency Program at Fisher-Titus, visit