Norwalk Memorial Home Social Worker Receives Advanced Certification

Norwalk Memorial Home has added a gerontology certified social worker to their care team. Laura Butler, MSW, LSW-CTP, social worker for the Norwalk Memorial Home and Fisher-Titus Transitional Care Unit (TCU), recently earned her certification for Gerontology in Social Work.Laura Butler

“We are very proud of Laura and grateful to have her expertise here at the Memorial Home and TCU for our residents,” said John Tucker, director, senior services at Fisher-Titus. “Gerontology is the study of aging, so this credential reflects her specialized training in the processes of aging and the resource available to the elderly and their caregivers.”

Butler has experience working as a clinical therapist prior to coming to the long-term care setting. She worked in lockdown psychiatric facilities including geriatric psychiatric units. She joined Fisher-Titus in January of this year. Laura has a master’s degree in clinical social work with a trauma focus certification and now, a gerontology certification.

“This certification helps me better understand how we can help our residents,” Butler said. “In order to meet their needs, we have to understand what it’s like for them including any misconceptions and assumptions we have about aging.”

The Gerontology in Social Work Certification required approximately 25 hours of work and covered in depth application and understanding of the progression of Alzheimer’s, death and dying, pain management, spiritual connection, understanding the effects of medications, mental health, signs and symptoms of elderly abuse including neglect, as well as theories of what happens as individuals mature.

“At the Norwalk Memorial Home, we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable, compassionate, and having the best interest of our residents always at the forefront of everything we do,” Tucker said. “Laura’s new certification and knowledge helps us gain a greater understanding of the population we serve so we can coordinate the best possible care for our residents.”

As social workers in a long-term care setting, Butler and one other social worker are responsible for discharge planning, care conferences, connecting residents and families to resources, collaborating with the care teams, and resident assessments.

Norwalk Memorial Home provides skilled nursing care driven by the goals of the resident whether it be returning home, enhancing stamina and mobility, or living comfortably with changing health needs. Residents receive nursing care and 24-hour medical supervision by a highly trained staff of nurses and certified resident assistants.

The Norwalk Memorial Home is currently accepting admissions for long-term care and skilled visits. For more information, visit