Published on December 02, 2020

Fisher-Titus Heart and Vascular completes first procedure of its kind in northwest Ohio

The vascular surgery team at Fisher-Titus completed two significant achievements recently. On October 29, 2020, Dr. Mohammed Osman and the cardiovascular team at Fisher-Titus performed the first ever WavelinQ™ fistula creation in northwest Ohio. Wavelinq

A fistula is an access point for dialysis made by joining an artery and vein in the forearm. Typically, a fistula is created through an invasive surgery where the patient is put under anesthesia and the arm is opened through an incision that is two to four inches in length. Using the Wavelinq technology, two thin, flexible, magnetic catheters are used to create the fistula without an open incision, and in short time; the first Wavelinq procedure was completed in 33 minutes. This procedure is minimally invasive, allows for faster patient recovery, and has minimal surgical scarring.

“Being able to use the Wavelinq technology is a great option for appropriate patients” said Dr. Osman. “Having the support of Fisher-Titus to bring this type of innovation usually found at more urban areas is a great thing for local residents.”Osman, Mohamed

Fisher-Titus is the only hospital doing this procedure in Northwest Ohio.

Additionally, a new procedure to remove a venous (vein) clot also took place at Fisher-Titus in September. Utilizing the Inari Medical Retrieval and Aspiration System, the Fisher-Titus cardiovascular team removed a blood clot from the leg of a patient to restore blood flow to the area. With this new technology, patients do not require an overnight stay in the intensive care unit, or thrombolytic medication to dissolve the clot, which can be expensive depending upon patient insurance coverage.

“Dr. Osman and the Fisher-Titus cardiovascular team continue to do amazing things” said Brent Burkey, MD, President and CEO at Fisher-Titus. “Our community members can experience the latest in technology without leaving the area. As an independent hospital, we continue to be committed to providing the right care, right here, to our community.”

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